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from work to fight for the return of her children. she is in tonesia now and spoken to us by phone. >> it is mentally and emotionally draining. right now, we are grateful and expecting to be home. >> she is grateful because her ex is allowing her to see the children. but she won't be able to return to the u.s. until the courts recognize the terms of her u.s. divorce and grant her guardianship. it's now a waiting game. >> the fbi is also waiting. waiting for the children's father to attempt any travel. of course he can't come to the u.s. or he will be arrested and because he is on that list, if he tries to leave and cross any border, he would also be arrested. the fbi would extradite him back to the u.s. to face a parental kidnapping charge. brian. >>> a developing story right now out of northern virginia's horse country where investigators say they have several persons of interest they are talking to in the murder of newspaper reporter, sarah green hall. bob is live in the newsroom with an update. >> the case is moving quickly. they are following a number of leads, have no one s
in this neighborhood have been waiting for power. people tell us they want to sleep in their own beds, turn on their tv's. tonight some of their homes are being restored. the storms path of destruction will be felt for months in some cases. the wind uprooted a giant tree in the backyard of the harsh family. it went into the second story where they were sleeping, but they managed to get out just in time. >> my wife was in front of me. we were running down the steps and trying to get in the basement. we didn't know what was going on. it was pretty scary. >> utility workers tell me they are putting in 10 to 12 hour days and sometimes much longer. the number one beef we're hearing from customers out on the streets is all about communication. finding out from the power companies when your next restoration and how long it will take. brian. >> bad news for fourth of july plans in some communities. kensington, germantown, gaithersburg, all have canceled their fireworks celebrations. it is because of the on going affects of friday night's storm. u.s. capital police evacuated the rehearsal tonight because of
begin with sue palka live in the weather center. what is the latest? is the storm behind us or are we still in the midst of it? >> still in the midst, although the focus has shifted to prince george's county and i see another cell around the dale city area. let's go straight to radar so you can see where the heavy lightning and rain are. you can see it here in prince george's county and down south of alexandria, but bowie to crofton, mitchellville, upper marlboro getting all this very heavy rain. this is moving east at 25 miles an hour. a lot of lightning with it, not seeing as much in the way of hail, but the rate of rain which i'm going to click on here is showing us there are a couple spots in here and right around the upper marlboro area you could be getting 2 inches of rain per hour. these are areas where i'd be a little concerned now about more flash flooding returning and we do know there are a number of flash flood warnings including the district and a portion of montgomery and arlington. let's look at these storms in three dimensions. we show you this because it shows you whi
. >> thanks for joining us tonight at 10:00. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. breaking news out of laurel, maryland where the search for an apparent drowning victim just ended, sky fox live off stagecoach road. a teenager went for a swim and never came back. rescue crews were called and the teenager was found a short time ago. fox 5's karen gray houston is live with the latest. >> reporter: it was a very intense, very dramatic search here next to the willow lake apartment complex in laurel right off stage coach road. that search went on for about an hour and a half and now joining me to talk about exactly what happened, mark brady, the spokesperson for the prince george's county fire department. thank you so much. what can you tell us about the person who was found? >> we can say now that he's a teenage male. he was located on the pond floor at about 10:20 approximately by the rescue personnel that were wading or walking through the water. he was immediately removed, provided to paramedics that started cardiopulmonary rhesus station, cpr, and -- resuscitation, cpr, and has been
% of all abortions in america are done late term. >> don't come at us to make your ideological points. we are not your pawns. >> reporter: so it promises topo be a big debate, with the health rule suspended, it will take a 2/3 wrote. and franks says it might be hard to do. >>> more than a month after the derecho storm that wreaked havoc, pepco explained why soex many people were left in the dark for so long, nearly 480,000 customers lost rlpower during tr height of the storm, 76,000 of them were in the district, and it took nine days for every outage to be restored. we are in the weather center with more details. >> reporter: it's a substantial report, measured about a half inch thick, and there's a lot of detail and picture evidence, too.tu of course, a lot of you who were affected wanted to know why pepco wasn't ready. they say they were ready, but it was not a normal storm. it was to weaken, but the oppositedded. it got stronger. the report says pepco was staffed on a 24/7 basis, theas morning after the storm. crews took care of lie threatening situations like live downed wires first.
station. the two men saw what happened. turns out, removing trees for verison. they spoke with us here on the scene. let's roll it. >> i slammed on my brakes and jumped out and ran up, i was hoping it hit the backside of the car and i looked in and i seen it, you know, the deceased. >> the tree came straight down on the car. the car slammed on its brakes. when the tree started coming, they heard something. so they slammed on their brakes and that's when the tree came down on top. >> an arborist on the scene and tree workers alike are telling us that tree was rotted out. police escorted me to the base of the tree that fell. i can tell you i didn't see any roots. it was as if someone chopped it off right at its base. let me give you the scenario. one man possibly dead. you are being told to avoid this section in the heart of great falls village. just shy of walker road. they will be removing that other giant tree all night long. they hope to have it out of here by the morning. here's how i think the story is going to develop. it's this. a lot of these trees that are on sidewalks or ne
find folk us? anger and disbelief after the largest mass -- focus. >> anger and disbelief after the largest mass shooting in american history. the news edge begins tonight with the latest on the colorado midnight movie massacre. here's what we know about james holmes, the suspected gunman. investigators say he bought four guns and 6,000 rounds of ammunition legally on the internet and in local stores. he used at least three weapons opening fire on unsuspecting victims killing 12, a total of 70 people hurt. tonight 11 people are in critical condition. officials have not yet released their names. in moments we will be joined live by a teenager who survived who was inside the theater when the shooting began, but first let's get the latest from fox 5's bob barnard. >> it's only been in the last hour or so the bodies of the 10 victims who died inside the theater have been removed. aurora police getting ready to meet with families to confirm identifications. 30 victims remain hospitalized tonight. >> 315 entry 14 for a shooting at century shooter 14300 east alameda avenue. they're say
bit of himself. in hagerstown, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> thanks so much for joining us tonight at 10:00. here's brian with the news edge at 11:00. >> tied up and taken from her own home. coming up, the latest on the search for the man who abducted cal ripken's mom. ad.c. yoga instructor is talking out about a possible motive. both victims are gay and police wonder if this was a hate crime. will thomas with the exclusive interview. >> michael hall and his boyfriend, michael, are in the headlines this week. a group of young men attacked them late saturday night as they walked home in the effington section of d.c. >> i realized an altercation was happening, i was hit in the face. >> how many attackers? >> three three and five. i was overwelmed. >> two good samaritans help scare off a group of young people and drove the guys home a couple of blocks away. here at yoga district, realized he was badly hurt. the injury sent him to the hospital. >> this section of my face was fractured. the cheekbone came in and had to put a steel plate in right here. >> police want to know if t
fireworks going off all around us. now this party atmosphere was disrupted with gunfire and -- >> he was behind the shopping center on first street northwest. a group of young men were in the courtyard or front of the apartment buildings and another group of young men coming down the street opened fire. [ audio difficulties ] >> obviously having some technical difficulties there, more on our website www.myfoxdc.com. >>> let's go to new york where more than 20 people were hurt when a tour bus crashed north of manhattan bringing i-95 to a crawl on the 4th. the bus hit a guardrail, concrete wall 6:30 a.m. this morning. witnesses say the bus slid 500 feet before coming to a stop. police aren't sure what caused the crash. >>> some maryland residents are declaring independence from the power companies. >> give me a video or give me pepco. >> a july 4th parade turned into a pepco protest, why some power crews turned around without fixing the problem. >> gary has your holiday forecast. >> showers and thunderstorms tonight, still some out there. we'll show you that on radar plus again give yo
for joining us tonight at 10:00. here's will thomas now with the news edge at 11:00. >>> the news edge begins with a developing story in montgomery county. the feds on the scene right now of a small plane crash in laytonsville trying to figure out why that plane went down. fox 5's bob barnard is live at the scene with what's happening. bob? >> reporter: to hear one witness tell it, it appears this was some kind of engine failure, not pilot error, but it's too early to tell. the investigation is just beginning. behind me you see some montgomery county police officers joined by officials with the faa and ntsb. we can take you up above some video onsky fox earlier this evening. this -- from sky fox earlier this evening. this was a 1954 beechcraft muskateer single engine four seater owned by the pilot who survived. the fellow pilot a flight instructor, a much older man was killed in the crash. this happened at davis airport just north of montgomery village in montgomery county. according to witnesses, the plane was performing touch and goes. i guess the new owner was trying to get familiar with
condo complex in the hillcrest neighborhood. neighbors told us they believe the thieves were after the copper wiring. there were no bars or fences around those units. >>> dozens of workers gathered in silver spring to protest minimum wage and poor benefits. they tell signs, chanted outside burlington coat factory at city place mall. the store is below bain capital, several minimum wage workers from toys r us, dunkin' donuts and other area bain- owned businesses told their story of reduced hours and pay cuts under the ownership. >> i get paid 7.50 for 15 years, never go up, never get raises, anything. so i'm here right now. the minimum wage is at least got to be $11 or $10 because we deserve. >> nonprofit, our d.c., organized today's protests. >>> it's going to cost more to travel this fall. we'll tell you which airlines are raising their fares and there maybe some storms on the way. >> yes, another day, another threat for storms. we were lucky today, but maybe tomorrow afternoon could feature strong potentially severe storms. i'll show you the futurecast and let you know where they
in the district. fox 5's bob barnard joins us now with the story. >> there's another one of those no named line of storms from the west swept through late afternoon full of rain, strong winds and lightning, powerful enough to knock down another huge tree causing damage to two homes in chevy chase, d.c. with the light of day you can better see what happened in carol capuano's front yard. yet another giant tree has fallen, this one on her roof. >> i'm not too happy with it, but the big trees essentially come down. >> reporter: this is arcadia place in northwest washington, a street that lost power again. it was dark and hot six days thanks to the june 29th storm. >> they said it would be within seven days and that's what they said and they did actually hit seven days. >> reporter: margaret lidstone and her family are still recovering from the derecho with this tree that stood in their front yard. >> someone lost their house three weeks ago. we lost a car, rather a car than a house. >> reporter: around the corner here's another tree uprooted by this afternoon's weather, this one at tennyson and
seen inspecting the rails late this afternoon. joining us by phone is metro spokesman dan stessel. do you have any new word on what happened? >> good evening, brian. yeah. we are looking at heat as a possible cause. the images you've shown from sky fox and other sources indicate what could be a possible heat- related track anomaly or a heat kink. that is something investigators are looking at given the extreme temperatures today. we haven't ruled that in, but it's certainly a fox us of the investigation right now. >> that said when we spoke earlier at 5:00 you said the trains were not on restricted speeds even though we knew the temperatures were going to be high today, upwards of 100 degrees. are you guys going to look at why you didn't try to sleet trains down? >> of course. there will -- slow the trains down? >> of course. there will be a full review. you see trains operating at higher speeds than metro rail trains. our trains have a max speed of 55 miles per hour. that's generally lower than other commuter rail systems, but there was no indication of any heat-related problems with
grandmother joins with us their story. >> kyrell mcneill's grandmother doesn't blame anyone for her grandson's death but can't help but think if guns weren't so available, her grandson would still be alive. >> the pain is just too much. >> reporter: a grand mother in grief, lila scales still hasn't quite processed the fact that her 4-year-old grandson kyrell is gone. >> i've experienced death of parents, but never a child. never. >> reporter: the little boy was killed in a gun accident wednesday afternoon outside his home in woodbridge. according to police, kyrell found a loaded handgun inside a family pickup truck and accidentally shot and killed himself. >> i can't imagine what was going through his mind or what happened, what last thought he might have had. i can't imagine. >> reporter: lila's son is kyrell's father, but the little boy lived with his mother, five brothers and his stepfather. lila said she was told kyrell got into the locked pickup truck and a hole of the gun by climbing through the sliding back window. she said she doesn't blame anyone for his death, but she does think
police believe the same suspect may be responsible because the black suv has been used in several robberies. at the gas stations many women pumping gas were taking precautions. >> that's common sense. i keep all my stuff close to me. i'm a woman traveling with my son. >> i take my key out of my ignition and lock my doors. then when i get in, i look my door with his get in. >> reporter: police say the suspects are picking out targets before driving into the gas stations and doing it without being seen. no one has been injured, but police are concerned that could change. they want gas station patrons to be on alert and they are. >> i usually leave my purse on the side that is locked and i usually sit in my car. >> reporter: locking up and looking out making sure this doesn't happen to them. police released that video hoping it will help lead to the suspect. if you have any information about these cases, give them a call. you can remain anonymous. >>> police say they have stopped what could have been a mass shooting in maryland. 28-year-old neil prescott is accused of threatening
we have, it would be unfortunate and probably wrong for us to start clearing people out as not being systems. so we continue to keep the case -- suspects. so we continue to keep the case open and our mines open to the possibilities. >> 1 -- minds open to the possibilities. >> $100,000 is a lot of money. >> reporter: gail wooter is talking about the reward money. nancy dunning was a well known realtor affectionately called the queen of delray. >> if this brings more attention to the fact that there is still a reward fund, that the community hadn't given up, that we desperately want to find out who took somebody that was so important to the community away. >> reporter: police say on the morning of her murder nancy dunning went shopping at this target at potomac yards, was then to meet her husband and son for lunch but never showed up. police later released this surveillance image of a man seen inside the target store that same morning. >> we did not ever identify that person. i would think our prevailing issue now, though, is that that may not be as important an issue as we first tho
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folks are using humor to get through tough times. for the most part we are encountering storm victims who are trying their best to be patient. despite all the damage and frustration without power. some families are packing up staying with friends and relatives. others are trying to make do by grilling or take-out. >> we haven't heard anything. we'd be happy if we just saw crews starting to work on the tree. we know it takes time to get the power back. >> we just had a flood a couple months ago. where are we going to do, what are you going to, do what about work tomorrow? blah, blah, blah, blah. >> reporter: the u.s. postal service still working in these hard hit neighborhoods. now because it's been 72 hours for people without power it's been an afternoon of removing perishables from refrigerators. one homeowner just about three doors down had special meats for their children with allergies. she told me they've lost thousands of dollars because they had to throw it all out. again it's been about 72 hours. as we all know, this what is has to happen. the crews have to come in and remove
to present the case to the u.s. attorney. early wednesday morning the officer in question was late for an assignment involving the first lady. when asked why he was late, the officer allegedly made threatening remarks that he would shoot the first lady and showed a picture on his phone of the gun he would use. that officer is now on administrative leave. >>> pepco is back in the hot seat today. the head of union representing the power company's line mechanics told members of the d.c. council the company's workforce has been slashed over the past 14 years and that hindered restoration efforts after the big storm on june 29th. fox 5's john henrehan has the news edge. >> pay your fair share! >> reporter: about 20 anti- pepco demonstrators assembled briefly outside the wilson building before tell an oversight run on table that the electric company which took days to restore electricity after the storm of june 29th must not ask d.c. customers to pay more. >> we demand and still demand that pepco withdraws 42.5 mill -- withdraw its $42.5 million rate hike because that's just what it is
. firefighters say the flames started in one building, jumped to another. one resident told us it looked like a scene from a movie. >> i seen people running, crying and everyone was pretty much in shock staring at the building in disbelief that it was happening. >> the temperature near the fire was so intense firefighters brought in cooling fans and worked on rotation. two firefighters were taken to the hospital treated for heat exhaustion. residents say they were told the fire started with an electrical problem, but it's still under investigation. >>> the other big story tonight, a 12-year-old boy charged with murder. police say he killed a 2-year- old girl who lived with him in foster care at a ft. washington home. audrey barnes has more from the newsroom. >> the family that took in that little girl had three biological children ages 15, 9 and 12. the children were home alone with the toddler at the time of the incident and when their father returned to the family's home on taylor avenue, he found foster child 2-year-old ania bachelor unresponsive. a 911 dispatcher tried to talk him through
in the area and are telling people who use the path to beware of their surroundings. >>> prince george's county one step closer to getting its first whole foods. county officials approved a plan to rezone a large property near route 1 and riverdale park. its owners want to build a development including housing, a hotel, office space and a whole foods. the store isn't expected to open for at least two years. >>> it's the next step for i'll have another. coverage up why the retired horse is heading to the other side of the world. >> and the temperatures finally dropped. >> the heatwave is over. temperatures will fall into the upper 60s and low 70s tonight. we'll hope to dodge a few storms this week. i'll tell you more in the full forecast in just minutes. >> check out the rundown. we're back.   >> is fox 5 news edge at 11:00.  man: there's a cattle guard, take a right. do you have any idea where you're going ? wherever the wind takes me. this is so off course. nature can surprise you sometimes... next time, you drive. next time, signal your turn. ...that'
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